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images (1).jpg​​​How to make you donations to Petroleum Engineering Program?

The Pedagogic processes of the Petroleum Engineering program demand the use of a diversified set of Information Technology equipment, specialized laboratories and field visits to the gas and oil industries. These processes imply expenses to pay the skilled manpower in various areas of Petroleum and other many items related to the process. 

The greatest challenge for the Program is to provide especialized manpower and equipment  for students and staff. If you wish to support  the program in these or in other means we thank you and invite you to contact us at the adresses given below. Should you consider channelling founds to the Program, could you please use the account details given by ​Clicking Here.

 contact and other information​

Prof. Alex Charifo Ali (Dean of Faculty) ​      Tel. +258842977558
Dr. Luis Helder Mendes Lucas (Deputy Dean)​      Tel. +258826617602
Prof. Rui V. Sitoe  (Program Coordinator)        Email​    Tel. +258829393674 (SMS only)